Legacy Series custom wood windows take the traditional single, double, and triple hung window and elevate them to a new level of performance.

This enduring window style now benefits from modern glazing and gaskets as well as sash balances that are completely concealed. With no visible plastic or metal components, all the eye perceives is the beauty of natural wood. The end result is a thoroughly modern window that maintains the aesthetics of the original design but with greatly improved energy and weather insulation.

Features & Benefits
  • Styles include single hung, double hung, triple hung, fixed, casement, double casement, french casement, awning, retrofit, and specialty designs
  • Traditional operation and appearance with improved energy and weather insulation
  • Concealed block and tackle sash balances allow for small mullions and maximum glass
  • Traditional weight and pulley sash balances available
  • Motorized operation available
  • Non-corrosive solid bronze sweeps, keepers, and lifts

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