Our Mission

To manufacture the highest quality wood, clad, and steel products, which demonstrate attention to craftsmanship and design in a working environment which is healthy, safe, and amiable, making every effort to use materials and processes which minimize adverse effects on the environment.

Our History

Quantum was founded in 1982 as a response to the industry's demand for a better-built custom wood window.

Quantum's founders were two general contractors native to the Pacific Northwest, dissatisfied with the mass-produced windows available. These gentlemen demanded a level of craftsmanship on par with the homes they were building. In 1982, Quantum Wood Windows, Inc. started in a little shop 15 miles from our present location north of Seattle, WA, and grew quickly.

Sample windows were made and taken around to local contractors and architects, and slowly our reputation grew. The response to the product was excellent, but as with any new venture, it took a lot of work for each sale. Marketing efforts even included showing the windows at local Snohomish and King County fairs.

Over the years Quantum product lines have expanded and market reach has become international. From its humble beginnings in a general contractor's garage, Quantum has grown into an industry leader in the manufacturing of wood, clad, and steel windows and doors.

Our production facility in Everett, WA, is designed to maximize craftsmanship and attention to detail throughout the production process. Quantum is still locally owned today.

As our business grows and changes, one thing that does not change is that we continue to strive to produce high-quality products.



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