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Location / North Kona, Big Island Hawaii
Architect / de Reus Architects
Photographer / David Duncan Livingston

Featuring Quantum Classic Series Windows, Lift & Slide Doors, and Hinged Series Doors.

From the Architect: "Organized around an internal Zen garden of raked coral stones, this courtyard home’s restrained architectural sensibilities harmonize with contemplative and serene landscape design in evoking the ambiance of a tropical sanctuary. The restraint and thoughtfulness of the craftsmanship inform and fortify the sense of repose.

Stone columns and partial height walls define the main gathering areas, promote ventilation and support the more formal notion of pavilion architecture. Horizontal datum reveals throughout the stone and wood columns in the home act as a counterpoint to the verticality. Lava stone site walls enclose the gardens, creating private outdoor "rooms” that flow smoothly into interior areas.

Finish materials were selected to enhance the subtlety and restraint of the design: the horizontal lines of natural cedar roof shingles; the luxurious deep red-brown of the mahogany woodwork. Limestone and coral columns, travertine floors and light grey-brown plaster walls were chosen for their restfulness and as a counterpart to the surrounding lava fields.

de Reus Architects was honored with an Award of Excellence for this home in the AIA Honolulu 2011 Design Awards."

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