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Location / Austin, TX
Architect / Seaux Pierce Melancon Architects
Builder / Nash Builders

Opening up the living areas of this exquisite private Austin estate are Quantum's Lift & Slide Doors and Slide & Fold Doors. Resplendently assembled in douglas fir, with black Edgetech SuperSpacers and tempered Cardinal LoE-172 glass, these door systems allow for the homeowners to enjoy simultaneously the grandeur of both their indoors and outdoors.

In this custom residential project we see a three panel Slide & Fold Door system with top running out-swing panels and bronze anodized handle, sill and head finish, and a 9 ft opening. Similarly, the four panel Lift & Slide Door system features a bronze anodized sill and head finish. The primary panel has an interior handle with exterior flush pull. All four panels open to allow for over 13 ft of unobstructed opening, and disappear completely into wall pockets on either side.

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