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Location / Newport Beach, CA
Architect / Ingersoll Builders & Design
Builder / Ingersoll Builders & Design

This private residence doubles as a tropical oasis designed and built by Will Ingersoll. Quantum delighted in providing a substantial number of teak Signature Series Windows, Slide & Fold Doors and Hinged Series Doors. All product was factory finished with six coats of Daly's SeaFin Teak Oil, and the teak door sills have epoxy applied at sill bottoms to prevent water penetration. The custom profile found throughout the project has interior rectangular sticking and exterior beveled glazing stops.

Starting in the master bedroom we see adjacent Signature Series awnings with obscure glass, a configuration of three stacked awnings, and a massive cornering window. In the dining room are more cornering Signature Series windows, some flanked with stacked awnings.

In the bedrooms are Signature Series casement windows with egress hinges, and three panel in-swing Slide & Fold Doors. It is here we see four operable venting louver panels latched with face-mounted satin chrome finished flush bolts at top and bottom. The louver panels are specified out-swing butt hinged and are built with a bottom half liteply core flat panel.

The Slide & Fold Doors are fitted with Eclipse E3 Hardware Systems with brushed aluminum face mounted flushbolts, brushed stainless steel hinges and hinge handles. Weather-stripping is bronze and the aluminum head track and floor channel are dark bronze anodized.

The project also incorporates Quantum Hinged Series Doors as seen in the master bedroom with Stanley full mortise butt square corner hinges. Out-swing sashes received non-removable pins, two per sash. Hoppe multi-point latching is used with stainless steel faceplates.

In the pool room is a three panel Slide & Fold Door system and a series of awnings in the pool bath with obscure glazing. Again in the master bath and main bath there are awnings with obscure glass.

In the gym we see a pair of Signature Series awnings with outboard lites specified PPG Atlantica High Performance Tint, and inboard lites with obscure glazing in elevations. Push-out sashes are fit with four bar stainless steel friction hinges, bronze sash weather-stripping and white bronze handle and strike hardware from Bronze Craft. The gym also features Hinged Series out-swing cornering doors.

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