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Location / Skagway, AK
Architect / Koonce Pfeffer Architecture
Builder / Alaska Building Contractors

In this project encompassing a historical retrofit and new addition to the McCabe City Hall in Skagway, AK, Quantum was tasked with replicating and replacing existing windows. During the restoration phase, existing arch profiles were shipped to Quantum's shop in Everett, WA, where custom profiles and shapes were manufactured.

Throughout the existing building, we see circular custom fixed outboard sashes with clear glass, custom sill, arched tops and curved t-bar. There are four double hung windows with stile lugs, laminated glass and custom sills, seven double hung windows with custom sills, stile lugs and sandblasted glass at surface, and ten double hung windows with custom sills, clear glass and arch profile stopped in flat mdf panels.

Quantum's Signature Series Windows appear in both the existing building and the new addition, including a pair of awnings and a fixed window with standard subsills and clear glass. The new addition also called for three sets of triple adjacent double hung windows with square corners, flush subsills and tempered glass, and twenty-four double hung windows to match the existing architectural design.