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Location / Austin, TX
Architect / Webber|Hanzlik Architects
Builder / Don Crowell Builders
Photographer / Paul Bardagjy

This project located in the Texas Hill Country is an amazing combination of both modern and rustic design elements. The architect utilized a combination of Quantum's Legacy Series and Signature Series custom wood windows mixing double hung and casement operation throughout the home.

True divided lites are painstakingly located to provide exact alignment between architectural windows and doors. This attention to detail is especially apparent on the windows beneath the large stone archway, one of the home's prominent features.

Custom roll down screens are cleverly concealed at window heads, and within factory built mullions separating transom windows from their counterparts located directly below.

The dark painted exterior finish provides contrast with the multicolored stone cladding throughout the majority of the structure while the stained interior finish creates wonderful interplay with the exposed timbers.

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