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Location / Hawaii Kai, HI
Architect / Peter Vincent Architects
Builder / Dwight D Burdick Construction
Photographer / Kyle Rothenborg

Located along the waterfront streets of the Hawaii Kai Marina, this extensive remodel captures elements of Navel Architecture that result in a wonderfully creative design that is reminiscent of being on a large sailboat with the added convenience of a driveway and parking. Beautiful Mahogany beams span a curved ceiling and accentuate a stunning 32 foot Lift & Slide Door that opens a panoramic portal to the active world outside.

Due to the marine environment and abundant UV, the exterior of Quantum’s doors and windows were clad in aluminum, utilizing an off-set clip system that creates airspace between the aluminum and wood. This breathability eliminates concerns of trapped moisture, while promoting long term performance and durability in even the most challenging conditions.

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