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Location / Bellevue, WA
Architect / David Coleman / Architecture
Builder / SBI Construction
Photographer / Paul Warchol

Inside Outside House features a massive Quantum Clad window wall with integrated Pivot Door that follows the slope of the roofline. The 45 foot window unit corners, slopes and flattens out multiple times. A portion of the wall follows the stairs down into a lower level where the assembly reaches its maximum assembled height over 17 feet. Common mullions were used for the majority of the glazing divisions providing necessary structure to the openings along with a narrow sightline and seamless appearance.

Unique patterns throughout the home are created using our Classic Series Windows in both fixed and oversize awning sashes allowing for ventilation. Asymmetric Lift & Slide Door Systems open an already bright and light-filled interior to the exterior spaces.

David Coleman / Architecture wanted a custom solution for an interior sliding door into a large wine refrigerator. We engineered a system using our Lift & Slide hardware negating the need for side jambs, and burying the head jamb and sill flush into the ceiling and flooring finishes, allowing a continuous flow above and below the door.

The media room called for the a flush wood panel to open up almost half of the wall. We engineered a single flush Lift & Slide Door panel measuring 140" x 100", weighing in at 650 lbs and painted to match the wall finish.

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