Our Team

Jeff Klein Headshot

jeff Klein

Survivalist, Elk-Calling Enthusiast, Hates Haircuts. Can't Find Me? Probably Fly-Fishing.


DSC 2379

Melissa Benton

Fearless Leader, Dedicated Mother, Taking the Company by Storm


DSC 2382

Tim Kummer
Production manager

Cat Lover, Long Walks on the Beach, Romantic Movies, Tofu Griller, Yoga Intern


DSC 2375

Jeff Quillen
Product Development

Quantum Brains, Antique Restorer, Former Chicken Catcher, Window MacGyver


DSC 5233

Ty Robb
Regional Territory Manager 

Hockey Enthusiast, Closet Guitar Builder, Tinkerer of Wood, NPR Podcast


DSC 2412

Craig Yaple
Regional Territory Manager 

Mountain Climber, Gum Chewer, Coffee Drinker, Cold Beer on Sundays


DSC 2433

Rick Grant
regional Representative

Voted Class Clown, Former Surf Champ, Moonlights as Frog Search & Rescue, Limerick King


DSC 5224

dennis mcnulty
regional representative

East Coast Guy, Enjoys Playing Golf, Sunsets on the Beach, Spending Time With Family


DSC 2368

Stephanie Carr
Marketing Coordinator

Made in Canada, Proud Mum of 2, Lunchtime Zumba, Worship Team on Sundays